By Agnieszka Kuchnia-Wołosiewicz

In the enchanting heart of Cracow, within the walls of one of its charming townhouses, a remarkable cultural event unfolded on the 25th of August, 2023.

‘Krakowska Remiza,’ as it was aptly named, gathered an array of talented artists, including musicians, poets, and painters, all under the auspices of the London-based music and cultural broadcast, ‘Remiza.’ This event, hosted by the multi-talented Remigiusz Juskiewicz – a musician, composer, vocalist, and lyricist, who secured victory at the Italian Sanremo Senior Festival in 2022 – served as a testament to Cracow’s rich cultural heritage, a city that has drawn artists from across the globe for centuries.

The setting for this unforgettable evening was the ‘Kawairnia Literacka,’ situated at 41 Krakowska Street, a location that added a unique ambiance to the proceedings.


The night commenced with a distinctly Cracow touch. As one of the co-organizers, an opening was made with a poetic walk through the city where the host was born and raised. A poem titled ‘Zaczarowny Krakow’ was eloquently recited, setting the tone for the evening. Following this, Remi Juskiewicz, accompanied by Adam Warakomski, performed the song ‘Peklo mi serce,’ featuring lyrics deeply rooted in Cracow.

The stage then transformed into a platform for poets to share their verses, interspersed with songs from Remi Juskiewicz’s extensive repertoire, showcasing his collaboration with these talented artists.


Maria Duszka, an accomplished poet, not only recited her work but also recounted her collaboration with Remi Juśkiewicz, highlighting their joint success with the song ‘Kamienieję’ at the Sanremo Festival. Piotr P. Spottek, the host of the radio show ‘Pod Wielkim Dachem Nieba’ (Under the Great Roof of the Sky), which was a patron of the event and airs on Radio Islanders in the United Kingdom, also graced the stage with his presence. It’s noteworthy that Ewa Taylor, the director of this station, presented her poetry during ‘Krakowska Remiza’ as well.

The evening was further enriched by the talents of Adam Pochopien, a Cracow-based artist and curator of the accompanying exhibition, who introduced his own works and those of fellow artists. The lyrical ballads by Isa Conar harmonized beautifully with poems by Małgorzata Kuchnia, Maria Duszka, and others.

The event’s highlight was the captivating recital by Monika Warakomska and Adam Warakomski, who shared their original compositions, eliciting profound emotions and values among the audience. They also joined Remi Juskiewicz in a rendition of the song ‘W której sukni mam zatańczyć,’ with lyrics by Wieslaw Falkowski. Monika, an accomplished artist in her own right, showcased her paintings during the event. (…)

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