Kilka moich nowych utworów przełożonych na English przez Marka Marciniaka.





we remain in modern marriages

which are free and open

with time with the fading hope

that some day at last

we happen to enter

an old-fashioned marriage

miraculously closed





someone said

one could not despair

when one looked at the sky

at your funeral

I was observing clouds all the time


I did not belong to those women

who had the right to cry





I took photos of this countryside


if kissing

the body of the beloved man

side by side




Once there was a propaganda of success

now there is a propaganda of poverty

I have been hearing this for years:

„Poland is poor”

and „ No money for any property”


Look Into My Eyes


(why do people think they can tell me everything?)


for years he has been visiting the hospital library

a retired economist


an atheist, thinking, searching,


his son died in a car accident recently


„I have not told anybody about it

but I will tell you”


„it was eighteen months ago

I borrowed some books from the District Library

I went to the park behind the Municipal Office

I sat on the bench

started reading


after a while a man sat close to me


he looked thirty

had bright red hair and a beard

started to talk to me

asked what I was reading

(usual talk)

suddenly he stood up, went a few steps

came back

his eyes were glittering with burnt yellow fire

look into my eyes!

he said

why don’t you look into my eyes?!


I was horrified

he weanted to appraoch me

but I made a sign of a cross three times

from the right, in the middle and from the left

he could not approach me closer

than the distance of six meters


it was a devil

that was eighteen months ago

I cannot pull myself together

I do not know what to think about it

I accepted it as a warning for me”



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